September 11, 2020

Leadership Update – Sept. 11th

Good morning ONEChicago,
Please join the Leadership Team in congratulating Amanda Rodriguez on her hardwork and dedication to KW. Amanda has accepted the position of Compliance & Accounting Coordinator!
Amanda is already a dedicated member of our KW family and currently supports our associates as the Experience Coordinator at our Lincoln Park location  She is pure sunshine!  She will be transitioning to her new role, effective immediately. Amanda will primarily be in the Lincoln Park location, however she will be at the other locations from time to time depending on workload.
Amanda will be responsible for assisting our MCA department and our Compliance department to provide the most seamless experience for our agents to get paid, in our larger organization!  Amanda will be processing commission and earnest money checks, assisting with wire transfers and commission statements, reviewing your contracts and mls listings, and teaching classes to ensure we are the best brokerage in Chicago from IDFPR’s perspective!
We already started the search for our next superstar for Amanda’s current role and have several strong candidates.  If you have a candidate to refer, please reach out to me directly.
Congratulations, Amanda! You’ve been preparing for this role since you joined our ranks. Looking forward to watching you grow some more!
Rodriguez, Amanda.jpg
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Kara Boeldt, CNE | CEO
Chief Experience Officer
REALTOR. Business Coach. 

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