October 21, 2020

KW OneChicago – 2 Minute Newsletter


Hello Chicago,

Joe Zimmerman here. I wanted to take a couple minutes of your time to update you on what’s going on in the market, at Keller Williams, and at Keller Williams One Chicago.

The Market

When looking at the state of the real estate market, there are 3 major indicators; unemployment, GDP, and inflation


We all know that unemployment numbers are high. While they’ve dropped some for wealthier Americans, the lowest earners are looking at unemployment rates of 20% and up. This means that the economy is recovering for some, but not all. This K-shaped recovery leads to economic inequality and uncertainty. Gary Keller warns “…that if something doesn’t happen to raise the trajectory of the bottom line, it will soon be felt by all.”


The GDP right now is in a similar place as it was during the Great Recession. That doesn’t mean we’re in a recession though. It takes 6 straight months of a decreasing GDP to be considered a recession.


Even in the midst of a pandemic, home prices continue to remain strong. They’ve only fallen -4.7% since last year. High prices combined with low inventory & low mortgage rates have created a booming market for most areas. 

KW Command Updates

At Mega Camp, Keller Williams revealed the newest capability of Command, email campaigns. Designed, edited and sent all within the CRM itself. This has been a game changer for many agents in keeping in front of their database without having to piece together multiple system. With a clean, modern look the email campaign templates are easy to edit, using plug and play blocks to place pictures, videos, and even pulling in Listing information. 

KW OneChicago Updates

Our official licensing agreement has been signed with KWRI. Within 2 weeks, our internal systems will be up and ready to onboard new agents. Meanwhile, we’re moving full speed ahead with mutual collaboration already elevating us. A recent 2021 business clinic was full of like-minded individuals sharing to grow their respective companies.

Joe Z.
Joe Zimmerman, CGO

Chief Growth Officer


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