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  • Q: I’m hiring a new team member or admin/ops, what does Agent Services need to process their onboarding? 
    1) As much notice as possible once their start date has been set
    2) A copy of their offer letter or team agreement
    3) An email at which we can send them onboarding paperwork
    4) Headshot
    5) Note whether they are licensed, unlicensed, or 1099
    6) If licensed, who will be covering their start-up costs, agent bill, printing, etc.
    *The above information should be emailed to
    Q: I’ve set up a new LLC/SCorp, what does the MC need from me in order for my business entity to receive direct deposit? 
    A: Please contact to request new bank paperwork. Paperwork will be sent via DocuSign for completion. You will be asked to upload a voided check or bank form containing the routing and account number connected to the business entity and a copy of your articles or incorporation or organization. 
    Q: Where can I go for coaching and transaction support? 
    A: The Productivity Program and our Leverage Department are here to help you navigate your real estate journey! 
    • Contact Melissa Vasic at to learn more about the PC program and how she can guide you to becoming a successful business owner! 
    • Contact to learn more about our listing and transaction management services. A great option for those who need to leverage their time and for those handling their first deal. 
    Q: How do I learn everything I need to know as a broker?
    A: The answer is Realtor 101! A must-take 5 day course conducted by experienced instructors to jumpstart your real estate career!
    Objectives will include: 
    • Intro to all things Keller, KW1C and how not to lose your license
    • Intro to Command, DocuSign, tech and more
    • Contracts (Types, Disclosures, and more)
    • Communicating with clients, property types, presenting an offer, timeline of a transaction, scheduling showings, lockboxes, showingtime, & MLS basics
    • Creating the habits for success, lead generation, 36 Touch, 1-3-5, your Big Why, and the One Thing
    Q: Where can I find recordings of previous market center training?
    A: Check out KW ONEChicago’s Youtube Channel here. Note: We do not guarantee that all classes will be recorded. Please note our Youtube channel is offered as a supplement to our live scheduled training. Check out the training calendar here. Contact to request calendar access or troubleshooting assistance.
    Q: I received a calendar invite to view the market center Google training calendar, but when I attempt to accept the invite I receive an error stating that I do not have permission to view the calendar. How do I fix this?
    • First, log out of all Google accounts that you are currently signed into. For example, if you have a personal and a business Google account, please log out of both accounts. 
    • Log back into the account the invite was sent to and accept the invitation to view the KW ONE Chicago Shared Calendar. 

1.What is Leverage Services? 

The concept of “leverage” is utilizing the expertise of others to fulfill roles that you no longer want to manage. As a result, leverage gives you time to focus on what is most important to you and your business. (lead gen and appts.)

We offer comprehensive Lead to Close services that fits all business styles. We can build out a listing OR assist you with contract to close. Let us help you navigate the challenges of Chicago real estate compliance expectations.  Our goal is to lighten your work load and support you in your

perfect real estate career.


2.What is a Transaction Manager ™?

 A Transaction Manager focuses on ensuring the paperwork for your transaction is collected/completed correctly for our compliance department so that you can get paid on time. We are in communication with all parties of the transaction  (attorney’s, lenders and the co-op brokers), so you as the agent, have more time as the agent to be productive focus on lead-generating and growing your business.


3. What does a TM do?


-Initial & Milestone touches to you & your clients.

-Send Listing Agreement materials to your client.

-Vendor scheduling (Cleaning, staging, photos & signage)

– Create MLS draft (all property details & county info, photos & disclosures, client feedback & Showing-Time instructions)

-Create & Manage Opportunity in Command

-UPDATE MLS status throughout transaction process

 Under Contract:

– Initial review and submission of your contract & disclosures for Compliance

– Assist w/ Referral agreement & Mutual Cancellation

-Share Earnest Money instructions & Collect receipts

– Complete & submit Commission Tab/Green Sheet

– Create & share Commission Statement

-Milestone Touch points with ALL parties involved (attorney’s, lenders, co-op broker)

-Upload & submission of closing documents (Settlement Statement, contract addendums/Attorney Review letters


4. What are the costs?

– Listing Management $450

– Contract to Close $300

– Commissions & Compliance $100

–  Lease Listing $150

– Tenant Lease $50


5.What is the value of hiring a TM?

-Saves time & money.

-Keeps you compliant in the MLS, IDFPR & the Market Center.

-It is an affordable alternative to virtual assistance or full time admin.

-Peace of mind that you have a team behind you


Who should I contact when I have questions regarding a contract/compliance?

Contact Amanda Rodriguez at


2. How do I fill out my commission statement?

Check out the tutorial HERE



  • Is there a way to know when a check is received by our office?
    The front desk is the first stop in the journey of any check taken in by the office. Whether commission or escrow, they will send out a notification that a payment was received.
    What steps need to be taken to get my commission processed?
    In order to get a commission processed, we will need three main things: a payment (in the form of a check or electronic transfer), a commission request (in the form of the Commissions tab in Command), and all required documentation. The necessary documents for any given deal depend on many factors but will almost always include a signed business agreement between the agent and the client, and executed contract for lease or purchase, signed disclosures that can vary based on certain attributes of the property, and a signed settlement statement.
    How should I inform the MCA Department of a unique situation regarding my commission payout?
    It never hurts to reach out directly to to inform us, but the most effective way to inform the MCA Department of unique scenarios with commission splits is the notes section of the Commissions tab. Please note that the Notes tab itself is intended for personal use, but you will find a notes section on the bottom right of the Commissions tab which is a perfect place to communicate any information that we need to know about the split.
    What steps need to be taken to submit escrow?
    Whether you represent the list or buy side, Keller Williams ONEChicago can hold the earnest money for your deal. There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to escrow. Always make sure your client, or the co-op agent, knows that the payment must include the full property address in the memo. Make sure that an executed contract, designating Keller Williams ONEChicago as escrowee, is uploaded to the Opportunity in Command before any earnest money is submitted. Escrow can be sent in the form of a wire (please reach out to to get access to the wire instructions request form). In order for escrow to be released, a signed cancellation agreement must be submitted via Command and approved by the Compliance Department. In order for excess escrow funds to be sent to title, we must have a commission statement which accurately denotes the date of closing.
    What does the monthly agent bill include?
    The monthly agent bill includes a $25 Associate Tech Fee to access the plethora of Keller Williams tech features including the ever-evolving Command ecosystem, the KW app, the Kelle app, database storage, and digital marketing plans (this replaces both the eEdge Fee and the Technology Fee), a $45 Errors & Omissions Insurance Fee that helps protect you from any potential lawsuits that may result from mistakes/overlooks in your business dealings, and a $10 Marketing Fee which goes towards the wide range of services provided by Radar Designs (including marketing plans, consulting services, and classes offered right here in the market center).

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