September 11, 2020

LT Announcement – Agent Services Coordinator

Good morning ONEChicago,
Please join the Leadership Team in congratulating Noel Antonopoulos on her hardwork and dedication to KW. Noel has accepted the position of Agent Services Coordinator!  
Noel is already a dedicated member of our KW family and currently supports our associates as the Director of Client Experience at our O’Hare location  She is such a delight to work with!  She will be transitioning to her new role at O’Hare, once we all onboard to ONEChicago. 
Noel will be responsible for onboarding agents, getting them settled in the office, and on a path to success.  Additionally, she will be heading up our training calendar communication and coordinating our internal social media.  
We are looking to find the next superstar for Noel’s current role.  If you know someone who would like to be part of our KW family, please direct them to apply HERE  and email me with their contact information so I may look for their resume.
Congratulations, Noel!  Well deserved.  Looking forward to having you officially in the new role.
Current email: 
#ONELove #Leader #CareersWorthHaving #Opportunity
Kara Boeldt, CNE | CEO
Chief Experience Officer
REALTOR. Business Coach. 

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